Our Curriculum

The PLAY Approach  emphasises on the importance of purposeful play. We believe that learning takes place through play. All our activities and lessons are planned  following  the guide of our  ‘PLAY’  principles.

fun learning

Children will enjoy the activities as they are able to use their five senses to explore on topics introduced.

Activities should be planned according to children's age, abilities and developmental milestones.


Teachers and children will be involved in discussion of interesting topics that will encourage them to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Children will have the opportunity to make their own investigation which help them to have a better understanding of the topic

Our curriculum is specially designed for children of age range 18 months to 6 years old. The curriculum is delivered through well-structured termly thematic themes. There are 2 curricula designed;

18 to 36 Months Curriculum

Our 18 to 36 months students will enjoy a variety of hands-on learning experiences which enables them to learn at their own pace. 

The main areas of our curriculum for this group of children are;


Through daily activities and interaction, children will be introduced to early literacy where they learn simple vocabularies relating to the theme. Basic phonic will also be introduced as to prepare them for reading readiness.


Children will be introduced to early numeracy where they develop a number sense through various hands-on activities, daily interaction and storytelling


Children will learn to self-regulate and manage their emotions, express emotions and show empathy towards others. They will make simple decisions and problem-solve to meet their needs in their daily life.

·        PHYSICAL

Children will be given opportunity to practice fine motor skills involving coordination and control of the wrists, fingers and hands in carrying out a specific task with precision. They will also practice various simple locomotor and non-locomotor skills such as walking, running, jumping, throwing and more. 


4 to 6 Years Curriculum

Our 4 to 6 years Curriculum focuses on the eight domains covered by MOE Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) Framework. Students from Nursery 2 to Kindergarten 2 will have the opportunity to explore and extend their learning experiences through various integrated learning experiences and learning areas.

The focus areas of our curriculum for our 4 to 6 years old students are;


Our objective for children at the end of K2 level is to be able to read and write simple sentences. They learned using the THEMATIC series where new words to increase their vocabulary.  We also introduce customized phonic and sight words at each level.

·        NUMERACY

Children will learn numeracy concepts and skills such as counting, patterning, shapes, identifying money, etc through hands-on activities.


Children will learn the Malay Language through hands-on activities, storytelling and sing-a-longs. They will also learn the different culture as part of diversity learning.


Children will be given opportunities to explore the world around them, ask questions, make close observations, think and discuss about their observations. Children to apply inquiry, problem solving or process skills such as observation, prediction, investigation and drawing conclusions as part of their learning experiences.


Children participate in activities such as storytelling and sing-a-long where they learn to manage their own emotions and behaviours, show respect for diversity, communicate and build relationships with others, and take responsibility for their actions. We also do collaboration with communities so as to create awareness for the children.


Children will develop their motor skills and knowledge of health and safety through participation in physical activities, involving locomotor and non-locomotor activities such as galloping, leaping and bouncing of ball. They will also participate in fine-motor skill activities in their integrated lessons such as using a scissors and threading.

·        ART & CRAFT

Children experiment with colours, lines, shapes and textures as they explore how to express themselves creatively through different art media and techniques.


Children will explore the element of music such as dynamics, rhythm, pitch and tempo as they listen to a variety of music, sing songs of different genres. Introduction to play musical instruments may it be traditional or modern is part of their learning experiences. They are also encouraged to express their ideas and feelings about the music they hear and sing. Diversity is also introduced and explore through learning of music and dance from all over the world.